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About Us

Welcome to Africa

Tamani Africa promises to deliver an exceptional adventure for travelers of all types. Allow us to plan your trip of a lifetime whether it’s the discovery of a safari, the peaks of Kilimanjaro or the road less traveled, with intimate cultural and village tours throughout Tanzania.

Our reliable staff promise unforgettable memories and safe travel from start to end. Please allow us the opportunity to satisfy your curiosities and realise your travel dreams.

The Company is owned by Masaai Tanzanians

Why Tamani Africa

We are in the epicenter of world class tourism in Tanzania, and Tamani Africa offers the traveller a unique collection of native experiences, where most travel companies have not yet dared to venture.

Our personalized tours include the famed National Parks, wildlife, natural habitats, cultural immersion, both walking and driving tours, nature discovery, traditional herbs and their customary uses and many other sensory experiences along the way. Allow us to enhance your experience of our beautiful country, as we are all local Tanzanians, and offer unparalleled expertise and knowledge of our country.

As we know you'll appreciate National cultural differences, when you partner with Tamani Africa we can bring you closer to the 'real' Africa, and take you to sample at first hand, the different way of life of a typical African village.


We are located at the very base of Mount Kilimanjaro, the worlds tallest free standing mountain and the highest point in Africa.

We are incredibly passionate about creating African experiences for people from around the globe that are nothing short of life changing.

The only way we know how to do that is by creating original and thrilling adventures for our guests that challenge them, give them opportunity to connect with the people and cultures they visit, and leave their legacy. Join us and allow us to plan your Tanzania adventure.

Meet Our Team

Sang'uti  Moinget Ole Kuney

Sang'uti Moinget Ole Kuney

Director of Operations
Ketina Moinget Ole Kuney

Ketina Moinget Ole Kuney

Marketing Director
Melita Moinget Ole Kuney

Melita Moinget Ole Kuney

Managing Director